Friday, February 11, 2011

Jake the Warrior

The amazing thing about this whole blog concept is that you can track referring sites that point to your own.  It was through this feature that Sara came across another dog stricken with a brain tumour.

Jake the Warrior

Jake is a three and a half year old Boston Terrier who has a lot more in common with Rilley than simply his tumour.  They were both adopted from Shelters, although Jake sounds like he had been bounced from place to place and home to home before his owners Frank and Jenn took him in.

He has also been accepted into the Brain Tumor Program at the University of Minnesota and they are starting their 20 hour trek there on Sunday.  His surgery is scheduled for this coming Tuesday and we would like to wish them a safe journey and all the best for Jake!  We know that they could not be heading to a better place for help!

If you would like to visit Jake's blog, go to:

We're glad that they came across our little blog and would like to thank them for keeping Rilley in their thoughts.  Had they not been kind enough to post a link on their blog to The Chronicles of Rilley we may never have come across Jake's story!

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  1. Thank you so much for your well wishes and for posting this about Jake. Your blog was so helpful to us during our research. As your family was, we were devastated to hear about Jake's tumor but we are so hopeful now and Riley is a living testament of that hope. Very glad to hear his 3 month MRI went well.