Friday, May 31, 2013

Rilley...a real "Toronto Star"!

Photo: Chris So, The Toronto Star
Back in January, the Toronto Star ran an article detailing the Slaight family's generous donation of $50 million to the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.  In it Dr. Benjamin Neel, the centre's director of research had said:

"Targeted treatment and immune therapy — a way to reactivate the immune system against tumours — could lead to cures"

Immune therapy is exactly how Rilley was treated for his brain tumour, and it ultimately saved his life.  So I reached out to writer Isabel Teotonio through an email saying that immune therapy can indeed work; after all we have proof in a four-legged, furry friend.  Ever since we participated in the trial at the University of Minnesota, where Rilley benefited from the hard work and dedication of the late Dr. John Ohlfest, Dr. Liz Pluhar and the rest of their team, we've wanted to bring them as much exposure as possible.  It's just our little way of trying to give back for all that we have received from them...our family could never thank them enough.

A few weeks ago, Isabel paid us a visit to interview Sara and I for the article and photographer Chris So came to get some photos.  We sat down and discussed Rilley's entire journey...interestingly it reminded us of just how far he's come.
Rilley seems to have taken a real liking to Toronto Star photographer Chris So.
This weekend the June 1st edition of the Saturday Star is running a series of articles about veterinary medicine including one chronicling Rilley's unique story.  Isabel did a fantastic job writing it, so look for the article entitled "Veterinarian: Rilley the Miracle Dog" in the Life section of the paper or click on the image below to be taken to the online edition.

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