Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Dog Days of Summer

We're now into the third week of the summer holidays.  The temperature around the Greater Toronto Area has been hitting all time highs and there hasn't been much by the way of rain.  No matter what Rilley is taking it all in stride.

It's been a busy time over that past month and a half.  Elizabeth's end of year dance recital, Katherine's grade 8 graduation and a little time away.  Given how hectic things have been, we hired a photographer to take some photos.  Jaime got some great shots of Katherine but of course with Rilley hovering around, he was poised to steal the show.

Photo by Jaime at
However, photos weren't the only thing Rilley scored with.  We have also found him an excellent home-away-from-home that allows us to have the occasional getaway.  Since Rilley began the anti-seizure medication almost two years ago, our lives have revolved around making sure he gets it three times a day.  Despite having great neighbours who are always willing to help out, this has made it difficult to have some time away.  A lot of kennels out there don't want to take in a pet that has had a history of seizures, however, one of the girls former teachers recently started up her own pet retreat and Joanne was willing to take him on.

"They even gave me a Kong FILLED with peanut butter!
Sweet!  I love it here!"
Rilley has stayed there twice now and he loves it!  You can tell...he gets into just as much trouble there as he does at home.  On his last visit, he had been out for a walk with another dog and the story goes that when they returned, doggie inn-keeper Joanne entered "just 45 seconds behind him".  Mysteriously a container of cooked rice had somehow found it's way off a shelf, onto the floor and magically open.  Surprisingly, the contents were nowhere to be found!  Hmmm...45 seconds, eh?  Wow, that's a record even for him.  Now in his defense, there was another dog present at the time and no it may not have been him...

But we know better don't we?

Rilley even took advantage of the poor kennel girl that works there and scammed her for a second dinner.  Yup, he feels right at home there.

In case you're wondering how to find this saint that so willingly puts up with our behaviorally-challenged beagle, follow this link:

And with that, the summer marches on!

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    Hi Sara,
    Happy to hear Rilley is still going strong. I have recently posted on Roxy. Things not going so great.
    Love to you.