Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rilley, enough with the food already!

"What? WHAT?! You can't prove a thing!"
Rilley and Exhibit "A".
Ok, enough's enough!  Rilley has really returned to his pre-tumour self.  He's getting us up every night between 3 and 4am and expects his breakfast.  During the week I will give in a lot of the time just so that I can go back to bed, however, this does need to stop.  In an effort to curb this behaviour I decided to just give him half of his breakfast around 4am with the plan that Sara give him the other half when she got up.  She was off work today and as such could sleep a bit longer and then get one of the girls off to school and the other to an appointment.  However, in this morning's rush to get out the door the other half of his breakfast was...kind of, ummm, forgotten.

At some point while the house was empty Rilley, the ever resourceful one, noticed that the jar of Kraft Peanut Butter had been left within reach.  Well, within reach once he cleared all the contents of the counter onto the floor.  By the time Sara returned back home, it was all over.  The jar of PB laying in one corner like some kind of giant Kong and the lid in another.

Then, as is the case with his usual gorging rounds, the whining started.  Obviously, our furry friend's tummy was rebelling against him.  Rilley's vet, Dr. Ewing, suggested that Sara bring him by so she could observe him.  After about an hour and a half, she sent him home saying that she would normally have given him charcoal to induce vomiting if he had come in sooner.

Later this afternoon, Rilley's rebellious stomach turned vengeful against our living room sofa.  What a mess!  It's not that easy to clean up peanut butter vomit from fabric, but luckily it was mostly on the cushions...too thick to soak into the actual, a quick rinse and into the washer they went.

As for Rilley, following Dr. Ewing's advice, we skipped his dinner and he now seems to be feeling better.  Although I worry for our sleep...not that he'll be sick again, but that tonight he will be REALLY hungry and not let up until he gets something.

No need to unscrew the lid...just use your teeth to break and pry it off!


  1. Happy to read Riley's blog. My Roxy has a brain tumor too, I opted for the cyberknife. So far about 4 months out, but things are looking grim again.

  2. I am so sorry that Roxy is not doing better. I had also looked into the CyberKnife therapy for Rilley, but cost, travel and number of return trips were just not an option for us.

    It is so difficult to know what decision to make is the right one. It took my husband and I a while to decide what to do. I must admit, we were very lucky to have found Liz, John and the incredible staff at the University of Minnesota when we did.

    Rilley continues to do well ... we celebrate every day we have with him. He continues to eat everything in sight (including the handle off the fridge and my daughter's art project which had dry pasta and coconut on it)!!!

    I hope Roxy bounces back and it just a temporary set back.

    Sending our very best wishes!!!