Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rilley's Next Adventure

I realize that we just posted the last entry about an hour ago and I've been trying to build a little suspense, but through the wonders of Facebook, Sara has managed to give away what will hopefully be the turning point in Rilley's story.

As we had said, the cost of life saving brain surgery for Rilley is just not in the cards for us.  It is simply astronomical!  We have heard values approaching the $20,000 range.  However, being a family that will not simply give up, the ever resourceful (and internet assisted) Sara searched high and low, seeking out every lead she could to save Rilley.  Well, she just may have found it!

The University of Minnesota in Minneapolis is conducting a clinical trial into new treatments for brain tumours.  They have one specifically for Meningiomas and Rilley has been accepted into the trial!  In a nutshell, what this means is that the University will remove the tumour from Rilley's brain at no cost to us.  All we have to do is arrange for our own transportation and accommodation.

Ok, so where's Minneapolis in regards to Georgetown, Ontario?
Screech!!!!  1380km's????  Seriously????  A 16 hour drive????

Yes, it's not just a simple jaunt across the border to do some shopping, now is it?  Rest assured, we have looked into flights.  However, despite the possibility of Rilley having a seizure alone in a crate on the tarmac or down in the cargo hold, there are very few direct flights and even fewer that would allow a dog on board as they fly regional jets between Toronto and Minneapolis.  These aircraft are simply too small and they apparently do not have heated cargo holds.

Not being ones to shy away from adventure, we have decided to take the University up on their generous offer and in early November we will be packing up the car and pulling an all-nighter!  Get ready Rilley, we will be running the red-eye to Minneapolis!

Obviously, there is much more to this story and many more details to share about the University's study.  So until we have time to write another blog entry, here is a link to the Ohlfest Brain Tumor Lab at the Univeristy of Minnesota.


  1. As a veterinarian (and a very passionate one), I have to say that the two of you are a testament to the dog owner every dog dreams of, and I commend you on your commitment to Rilley. Cudos to you and congratulations for being there for him and being so responsible for his well being. Please don't take my comments as jaded, but from the bottom of my heart, I only wish there were more owners like you out there. I can't see the screen very well as I'm writing this. Sincerely, Dr. Jen Woods.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Jen! I have a feeling that so many people think we are out of our minds for doing this but were not just going it for him, but our two young daughters as well. They love him to bits!