Monday, January 10, 2011

After the fourth vaccine....

It has been five days since our last post.  Not much has happened aside from a few seemingly mild side effects.  However Rilley has been jittery this past weekend, not knowing what to do with himself and frequently rolling around on his back.  On Saturday while petting him we had come across something that was causing his fur to stick together.  Figuring that he had merely rolled in something we went to pull it out.  Well, it turned out to be dried blood and the fur came with it revealing a spot where the cyst had been bleeding. 
The troublesome cyst.
The cyst seemed fine for the rest of the weekend but at breakfast this morning, the girls noticed a red spot on his fur so once they were off to school Rilley went for another visit with Dr. Ewing.  It turns out that the cyst had apparently burst.  The best we can figure is that Rilley's skin was really irritated by from the vaccine injection causing him to excessively roll on his back and this in turn caused him to burst the cyst.  Additionally, as a result of the broken skin, an infection began to take hold.  Needless to say, Rilley is now on antibiotics to take care of it.

One other suggestion that Dr. Ewing had made was to put a child's t-shirt on Rilley in an effort to protect the cyst whenever he rolls around on his back.
After wrestling the shirt onto a defiant dog, it's time to pose for the camera.

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