Thursday, January 6, 2011

Four Down, Two to Go!

"Ah, come on, enough with the needles already!"
I guess the holiday's accelerated time as today was once again vaccine day for Rilley.  It seems as though all the kinks have been worked out of the courier process as the shipment arrived in even faster this time around.  It arrived at Dr. Ewing's office by 10am this morning!  Once again, poor Rilley had to have a bit more fur shaved off to make room for the injections.  That part he didn't mind but his skin must becoming more sensitive as it took a few attempts and a helping hand from one of the vet techs to get the vaccine injected.  All in all everything went really smoothly despite the fact that Rilley was not being all that cooperative.  Dr. Ohlfest doesn't expect that we'll see any new reactions to the treatment, perhaps more of the same and perhaps at a more severe level.  However, the only side effect we noticed so far was that his skin became red within three hours of the injections, however it seems to be subsiding.  Dr. Pluhar has suggested that perhaps it was a result of the Imiquimod cream that must be applied 15 minutes prior to receiving the vaccine.  We do need to apply more 24 hours later, so we'll see if the same thing happens then.

Loving kiss from dog to daughter.
"Please, please tell me I'm almost done with all the needles!"

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