Monday, April 9, 2012

Oops, I did it again!

Rilley, the Easter Beagle, stuffed again!
It seems that no matter how old he gets, Rilley never learns his lesson.  Just like the Simpsons episode in which Lisa is determined to find out "Is my brother dumber than a hamster?"  Bart relentlessly tries to grab the electrified cupcake, while the hamster figures it out after just one try.  Ok, I digress...anyway, Rilley got into the fridge again this afternoon...apparently the kids forgot to lock it.  Well, he found the left over ham from yesterday's Easter dinner...and there was a lot of left over ham as it was a meal for just the four of us.

Try as they might, the girls did their best to get it from him, but when he has a tasty chunk of meat it is really the only time he becomes seriously over protective of an object.  So upon hearing him growl, one of the only sounds he makes, they backed off and let him carry it outside to bury.  Besides, I really don't think we'd be eating it now....

So, at the end of the day, a few things became apparent:
  1. He must be regretting you can see in the picture above he's looking a little sorry for himself and is preferring to lie around moving as little as possible.
  2. He is actually full...for once in his life!  He didn't even beg for his dinner tonight and we figured it would be best if we didn't give it to him.  Oddly, he doesn't seem to miss it.
  3. Later, when I was in the kitchen making my lunch for tomorrow (with cold cuts out) he came down and walked right past to go outside.  Rilley didn't even raise his nose to see what food was out.
  4. We don't think he's going outside to retrieve some buried morsels...actually, we don't even think the poor guy remembers where he hid it.
  5. "Flatulence the Wonder Dog" is back!  Need I say more?
One good thing is that this time around he doesn't seem to feel the need to dispense the contents of his stomach on our bed!  Whoo hoo...lucky us!

Perhaps one day Rilley will learn that eating everything in sight is not such a good idea.  One day....

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