Monday, December 31, 2012

Rilley Rings Out 2012

It certainly has been another interesting year.  We started off in January wondering if the breakthrough seizures had returned.  Fortunately, they turned out to be more of a nuisance than something to be overly concerned about.  As the year progressed, the biggest issue we seemed to have with the little wonder is his insatiable appetite.  Countless fridge raids seemed to be his forte.  However, we celebrated some major milestones with Rilley.  In April it was his 11th Birthday (or if you want to be technical, his 9th anniversary since we adopted him).  May brought us his 18th month since surgery and just last month he surpassed two full years since our first trip to the University of Minnesota.

Whenever Christmas rolls around, we count them as "bonuses"...this year was Rilley's third bonus Christmas.    As usual, he had a grand time and was bestowed with a new Christmas collar and the usual gifts of chew bones.  Of course, as usual as well, he grabbed the first one and wanted to run outside to bury it.  When he realized that this was not to be, he ran upstairs to the master bedroom and came back without it.  That evening, as we were getting into bed for the night, we came across the missing chew bone under one of our pillows!  I suppose, true to his canine genetics, he did manage to bury his bone!

Unfortunately, it wasn't a white has been the case on many occasions here in southern Ontario.  However, just days later mother nature made up for it and Rilley couldn't be happier.  He absolutely loves the snow. Ok, maybe not the coats that Sara forces him to wear, but he does like the snow.

So as we sit here, sending off 2012 and welcoming in 2013, Rilley wishes all the best for everyone and he is looking forward to celebrating with everyone again next year!

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