Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Legacy of Jake the Warrior

Every once in a while we like to break from tradition and post about something other than Rilley.  Hard to believe, we know!  However, we just wanted to pass along a fabulous initiative undertaken by a friend of our blog.

In 2011 Jake the Warrior was also diagnosed with a brain tumour.  His owners, Frank and Jenn Valentine of New Jersey, contacted the University of Minnesota and enrolled him in the Brain Tumor Program.  Unfortunately, despite the ground breaking treatment, Jake later succumb to the cancer.

The loss of "The Warrior" devastated the Valentine's but that didn't stop them from rescuing another dog.

Enter Dusty, a brown and white pit mix originally picked up off the streets in the Bronx.  After passing through the shelter system, he found his forever home with Frank and Jenn.  Since coming into their lives, he too has had his own battle with cancer but has come out the other side a survivor!

Now, he is the inspiration for a new project that Frank has undertaken.  Dusty's Dog House is a doggy daycare that will also be a foster home for one lucky homeless pooch.  The project is currently in the fundraising stage and Frank has launched an Indiegogo campaign to get things rolling.

It sounds like a very worthwhile endeavour and if you would like more information, or to make a donation to Dusty's cause, here are some helpful links:

Dusty's Dog House website:

Dusty's Dog House Indiegogo campaign:

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