Thursday, May 19, 2011

All Packed and Ready for Trip #3

Back to the Twin Cities!
Our bags are packed and tomorrow we hit the road to head back to Minneapolis for Rilley's six month follow up visit and MRI.  He officially hit the six month mark back on May 4, but we wanted to take advantage of the Victoria Day long weekend to make the trip.  This trip is special because our daughters are making the trip with us.  Although I don't think they quite grasp just how long of a drive it really is.  Also on this trip we will finally get to meet Dr. John Ohlfest, the man behind the curtain who developed Rilley's custom vaccine.

Rilley had a visit with Dr. Ewing late this afternoon to have some preliminary blood work done.  During his three month follow up his blood work had some abnormalities.  He has been healthy ever since the surgery, so these anomalies were thought to possibly be from the long drive and the fact that we had him stay at the Veterinary Medical Center the whole time we were in town.  He can get himself stressed out quite easily and this may have messed with the results.  This time he will be staying with us at the hotel and the fact that the girls will be with us may help him to stay calm.

Well, it's time to get some sleep, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow as both Sara and I have to work as well.  Then it's home to grab the kids, bags and of course the beloved beagle and head out on the highway.  We will be making a stop over on the way down to avoid too much night time driving and to give the kids a break.  However, when we drive back we will be leaving directly from the University immediately after Rilley's MRI and do a non stop run home.  Hopefully the sedation from the MRI will still be in his system and make for a relaxing drive...well, at least for part of the way!  This may very well be the last post until we return as it will be a very busy few days.  However, if we get a chance to update the blog from Minneapolis we definitely will.

Stay tuned!


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