Monday, May 30, 2011

The Emporer's New Clothes

Rilley modelling the new shirt.
Earlier this month, in an effort to recognize Rilley's 6 month anniversary since his surgery, Sara searched high and low for just the right memento.  She had come across a website that sells dog shirts with a variety of causes emblazoned upon them.  There was one that caught our eye that read:

It Came
We Fought
I Won
Brain Cancer Awareness

To which we added the line:
Thanks to the Ohlfest Brain Tumor Lab

When we dropped by to see Dr. Pluhar last Monday we had Rilley show it off to her.  She thought it was great.  So when we left Rilley at the Veterinary Medical Center with her, we took the shirt with us to show to Dr. Ohlfest.  When we pulled it out at the restaurant, he thought it was a really neat idea and asked if he could keep it.  Of course, it's the least we could do!  Tonight I received an email from him saying that he is thinking about framing it and putting it up in the lab to show the staff the impact they are having.  We think that is a great idea and can think of no better way that the shirt could be used.
A close up of the shirt.
One final of tonight Rilley's little blog has had 5056 hits!  Thank you everyone for your continued support and interest in his story.

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