Sunday, September 4, 2011

MILESTONE: 10 Months and still going!


Today marks the 10th month since Rilley had his surgery and he has pretty much remained seizure free. As we've noted lately he has experienced what we believe may be some minor breakthrough seizures.  However we like to stay positive and take solace in the fact that he has not experienced any grand mals since before the surgery late last year.  We are hoping that these latest issues just end up being some bumps in the road.

Actually, it has been quite the road over these last few months.  Aside from the literal road and having driven over 9000km to date, this blog has received almost 6400 hits and through it we've had contact with some very interesting people.  In fact, about two weeks ago, we received another email from some owners whose dog had also been in the clinical trial.  Pam and Steve Solie, who happen to live in the Twin Cities, applied to have their dog Louie accepted into the program after being diagnosed with a rare form of cerebral neuroblastoma.  Just like Rilley, little Louie came through the surgery with flying colours, however within weeks, during his rounds of vaccine injections, Louie took a turn for the worse and on February 12th Steve and Pam had to say goodbye.  I would like to thank Pam for taking the time to share Louie's story with me.  It reminds us that no matter how well Rilley is doing nor how advanced the treatment is, something can always happen.
Louie - Another brave soul who did battle with a brain tumour.
Despite the sadness the that the Solie's have experienced, Pam did say that they would've made the same decision to have Louie participate in the study if they had to do it all over again.  I can honestly say that Sara and I feel the same.  It also helps to know that the very treatment Louie and Rilley have been receiving is now helping nine people enrolled in the human version of the program.

I realize that we have been fortunate and Rilley is laying beside me at this very moment, but I also know that if he hadn't been in the trial we wouldn't be recognizing his 10th month of survival today.

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