Thursday, September 29, 2011

The wonders of mail order medication!

The cost of Rilley's medication has always been a concern, especially given the fact that he receives his Levetiracetam (a.k.a. Keppra), three times a day and will most likely continue on that for the rest of his life.  Something that we expect will be a very long time.  We have been spending on average $1.83 per pill by buying them from our local pharmacy in lots of 60 pills.  Today we received our first order of capsules from a pharmacy in the U.S. that not only costs just $0.75 per pill (including shipping, taxes and duty) but is also custom tailored so that the dosage is much more accurate.  This is something that isn't available to us here, we've been having to use the closest available human dose.  So not only does this allow us to save money, but by knowing that the medication is delivered in a precise manner it puts us more at ease in light of the recent incidents of possible breakthrough seizures.

Check out the size of bottle that came:
Yes, it's a legit bottle, I just digitally removed some personal info.
No, that is not a child's hand, this bottle is quite large and contains 270 capsules.  That's enough to last Rilley 90 days (almost three months)! Or as he would think of it...270 Pill Pockets!!!!

Best of all, within two days of ordering it is delivered right to the door!

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