Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rilley! It's NOT Pill-O'Clock!

Near the end of last month, we sought out Rilley's original neurologist, Dr. Fiona James to have her review his medication levels.  It has now been close to a month on his new dose and we are happy to report that we have seen no signs of any breakthrough or focal seizures.  Everything seems to have returned to normal.  The only thing we still need to do is to find an autofeeder that we can modify to be wall mounted in order for him to reliably receive his 3pm dose without the need for us to be home.

"Where's my pill?"
However, we have discovered another downside since the return to three daily doses.  Rilley seems to have become a bit of an addict.  His addiction seems to become the most prevalent just prior to his 11pm dose.  It has become so bad that he begins whining just after 10pm and sometimes keeps it up until he finally gets his medication.  We can't figure out for sure if he's addicted to the medication or the Greenies Pill Pockets that he gets it in.  Around the house, we've come to refer to 11pm as "Pill O'Clock" and the kids have even taken to telling him...

"Rilley!  It's NOT Pill-O'Clock yet!"

Unfortunately, I don't think he cares...he's just wants his next fix!

So, for now, all is well again with Rilley and we are beginning to make plans for our forth and final trip to the University of Minnesota.

Please continue to vote for Ted Reader!
One final note, back in August we posted that celebrity barbeque chef Ted Reader is hoping to win $10,000 for the kids at Camp Bucko, the Burn Camp for Kids in Ontario.  (See: Rilley asks you to support Camp Bucko) Well, the voting continues and Ted is currently in the lead by a good margin.  However, the contest runs until October 31 and we would like to make sure he stays in first place.  So we would like to ask that everyone continue voting as often as possible at  (You can vote up to once every 24 hours, twice if you vote with both your Facebook and Twitter accounts.)  Thanks!

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