Monday, December 5, 2011

The Early Show airs story on Drs. Pluhar & Ohlfest

While the girls and I were en route to Minneapolis for Rilley's final visit last month, I had posted that CBS's "The early Show" was going to run a story on the work that Dr. Pluhar and Dr. Ohlfest are doing.  We had even delayed our departure from the stop over in Kalamazoo to watch the show...only to find out that it had been bumped from that morning's lineup.

Well, it finally aired this morning and since I was at work at the time I had to wait until I got home this evening to watch it on CBS News website.  The story also includes another interview with John Huls, the man who is receiving the same treatment Rilley did.  I've posted the story below for your viewing pleasure.  For those who love catching continuity errors see if you can spot John Ohlfest's disappearing and reappearing beard!  Sorry CBS, but working in television myself, I couldn't resist pointing this out.... ;^)

Man's best friend: Key to brain cancer cure?
CBS News correspondent Debbye Turner Bell reports on an experimental vaccine for a deadly form of brain cancer that's being tested on dogs that stimulates the patient's own immune system to fight the tumor, and perhaps even prevent a recurrence of the disease.


  1. Hi - I came across Rilley's story on Daily Planet while looking up a link on the vaccine. I just wanted to thank you for your participation in the trial - and all the way from Canada! My father is John Huls, one of the human patients receiving the vaccine, and we feel so grateful to the U vet school and all the dog patients and their families that have made this treatment possible. So glad to hear Rilley is doing well! I have 2 black labs and twin toddler boys that follow them around all day - they're an important part of the family! Thanks again, Becky

  2. Thanks for the kind post Becky! It's nice to hear from you. We hope your father is doing well and feel free to pass along any updates on his progress. Please tell him the Canadians are pulling for him!