Monday, December 26, 2011

Rilley's Bonus Christmas #2

This past December 25th marked what I've been referring to as  Rilley's second "bonus" Christmas.  After all, if we hadn't begun this adventure, he wouldn't have been with us last Christmas either.  All in all it was a good day, he received gifts of various sorts of treats including a large tub of Milk Bones!

Rilley and his really big jar of Milk Bones!
" it up! It looks yummy!"
I can't say that anything out of the ordinary happened...although that's kind of the point, isn't it?  He's back to being just a regular dog.  Well, IS Rilley after all.  The fact that he enjoyed all that Christmas dinner had to offer is gratifying in its simplicity.  That and the sight of him stealing some food out of the fridge just a few minutes ago!

Despite the big jar of Milk Bones and having some of the turkey dinner,
not all of his treats were bad.  Santa left him an all natural peanut butter
and grain dog treat and he seems to have loved it!
So, as the end of the year draws near we would hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and will have a great new year.  Here's hoping I will be able to make a post for his 3rd bonus Christmas next year!

P.S.  This marks out 100th post to the blog!  With almost 8200 visits since its inception.  Thanks everyone!

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  1. Just had to say hello and I hope all is well with Rilley. My beagle, Seamus the Famous, had cancer and we were told he'd only live a year--that was nearly 7 years ago and he's still with us. In fact, he was by my side a few years later when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. We're both fine now. (I found your blog from the Dog Cancer Blog.)
    Rilley is a cutie!