Sunday, January 29, 2012

Have the breakthrough seizures returned?

A lazy Sunday on the couch, but why does my jaw twitch?
The last few days have been interesting.  We are beginning to wonder if the breakthrough seizures may be returning.  It seems strange, though, they present as uncontrolled jaw movements, with little or no impact on his general behaviour, but they occur around the exact same time of day...usually at some point between 4 and 6pm.  We noticed this both on Friday and then just this afternoon...less than an hour ago.  It has been explained to us that seizures will always be a part of Rilley's life as his brain has now been "hard-wired" to be prone to such phenomenon.  This is exactly why he receives daily anti-seizure medication.

When we last noticed this type of seizure back in August, it had been theorized that it was a result of his twice daily dosage.  The levels of his medication may have been too low just prior to his next pill and as a result we returned him to the three-times-a-day schedule.  This seemed to correct the problem.  Now, we are left wondering if his system has become tolerant of the current levels of medication.  Perhaps we will need to increase the dose again or maybe the neurologist will want to add a secondary medication.

Right now, we have an appointment booked at the University of Guelph for February 8th and are hoping to be able to bump that up.

All in all Rilley seems happy enough.  He still makes every reasonable effort to steal your Sara found out when she tried to eat a snack this afternoon.  Rilley lept up on the sofa, retrieved the yummy muffin from her hand and retreated back to the floor to devour it.  Nothing out of the ordinary there....

I will be sure to post updates as we find out more about what is going on.

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