Thursday, February 2, 2012

Break through seizure - Update

Early in the week we got in touch with Dr. James at the University of Guelph.  She was more than happy to see Mr. Rilley before next week's appointment if need be.  However, in the end we all decided that since he was his normal self in between episodes it wouldn't necessarily be imperative to bring him in right away.  Again, we've been told to expect these sorts of things and they are always very short in duration.  Dr. James did suggest that we try to catch one of these localized seizures on video so she could see exactly what is going on.

Now, some might say that I could be tempting fate by writing this post but we have not seen any other break through seizures so far this week.  I've been keeping my iPod fully charged at all times and close at hand.  I even went so far as to not take my eyes off of him for pretty much all Monday afternoon until everyone got home.  I think I freaked the poor little guy out.

And so it goes...I just hope I will have a camera handy if or when he has another episode.

Since we've wrapped up Rilley's participation in the Brain Tumor Program at the University of Minnesota, it is reassuring to know that we've got access to a great neurologist like Dr. James so close to home.

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