Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eight Weeks Since Surgery !!!

Today not only marks eight weeks since Rilley had his tumor removed, but also that he has remained SEIZURE FREE since the surgery. While the possibility still remains that Rilley may have a seizure, as each day passes and he doesn't have one I relax just a little more ... I don't find myself calling someone to go and check on him while I am out.

One thing which people often ask us since Rilley had the surgery is if his personality has been affected. I can certainly attest that he is the same mischievous, naughty, yet lovable dog he always was. If anything is more puppy like than ever before. I often say that having Rilley is like having a toddler in the house. I never quite know what trouble he is going to get into or mess will greet me when I walk through the door.

He has always enjoyed burying things in the backyard ... when the ground thaws in the spring we often find an assortment of stuffed animals and various other goods that Rilley has dragged out. He recently decided it was too cold outside to bury anything so we are finding things in our closets, under beds and under the couch cushions. I am surprised that Winnie the Pooh has made it this long ... that poor stuffy has been to Minnesota and back and been dragged around the block more times than I can count, yet Rilley will not let it go.

Rilley and his beloved Winnie

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