Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rilley's 2nd Vaccination - More Shipping Frustrations!

It has been two weeks since Rilley's last vaccination and the major headache getting that one through customs.  Today he had an appointment for his second of six rounds and you'd think that everything would now be in order and the shipment would happen smoothly.  Well, guess again and this time I can't even say it was the government's fault.  From what I can gather, and hopefully it is as factual as it can get, it seems that someone at the courier company took it upon themselves to decide for Canada Custom's what they would or wouldn't do.  Instead of this person allowing the Canadian Border Services Agency to decide for themselves, they refused to pass the package onto the people responsible for what comes into the country!
The precious package!
Styrofoam container, dry ice and a tiny, tiny vial containing the vaccine.
The shipment had been held for clearance in the courier's facility in Mississauga since early this morning and it was finally released to us just before 4pm!  On top of all of that, they made us come and get it as they didn't want to touch the package!  Apparently they read that it contained irradiated cancer cells and thought that they'd get cancer from touching it!  Now I may not be a doctor, but the last time I checked cancer was not contagious and I know that anything that has been irradiated is most definitely dead!  Come on people, use some common sense!  Not to mention that Health Canada provided a "No Objection Letter" stating that they had no reason to stop the package from entering the country and said letter was attached directly to the outside of the package!
The "No Objection Letter" provided by Health Canada securely affixed to the side of the shipping contianer.  Can you believe the courier claimed it wasn't with the package?
I think you can understand how frustrated we are!  Our caring Vet, Dr. Stephanie Ewing, neurosurgeon Dr. Pluhar as well as lab staff at the University of Minnesota had to take time out of their busy schedules once again to deal with what should be a simple process.
The priceless cargo.  Placed next to a car key to give you a sense of how little vaccine is actually shipped.  The vial is only about 1/3 full.

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  1. Wow - here's hoping that is goes more smoothly the next time around!