Sunday, December 5, 2010

MILESTONE: One month since surgery

Rilley's fur is slowly beginning it's own journey back to his head!
This weekend has marked one month since Rilley underwent the craniotomy to begin his tumour free life!  He is doing extremely well and the Great Canadian Bald Beagle is beginning to show serious signs of regaining his fur.  The best news is that he has now been seizure free for over four weeks.  He is doing so well that he can now be left for a few hours on his own.  We just need to make sure that there is no food out as he is much more active and will get things off the counter once again!  (To most people, that may be a sign of poor behaviour, but no matter how annoying it may be, to us it is a sign that he is getting back to his old self.)

This coming week, Rilley will be receiving the second of his six rounds of vaccines.  We are hoping that the shipment will be much smoother this time around and actually make it to Dr. Ewing's office without any intervention!

We've noticed the increased traffic to the blog since the television and local newspaper stories from early in the week.  As of this writing, the blog has had 1853 visits!  We just want to thank everyone for taking such an interest in Rilley's story and hope you will continue.

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