Sunday, March 6, 2011

Giving Back - Calling all media contacts

As has become evident through all of our posts and conversations with people, Rilley's survival could not have been made possible without the hard work and dedication of everyone at the University of Minnesota.  Specifically Dr. John Ohlfest and Dr. Elizabeth Pluhar.  The work done through the Brain Tumor Program and the Ohlfest Brain Tumor lab cannot happen without the generosity of donations and grants.  In fact, Rilley's study costs have been covered by the American Brain Tumor Association, for which we could never thank them enough.

In an attempt to increase awareness of the Ohlfest Brain Tumor Lab and the research being conducted, Sara and I have started our own media campaign.  We are attempting to contact, via email, as many media outlets as possible.  We have put together a one page backgrounder that we include with all of the emails.  We would like to ask that anyone with media contacts take up the cause and tell them about Rilley's story.  Sara and I are not looking for any more exposure for ourselves, we had that when Discovery Channel and the Georgetown Independent did their stories at the end of November.  We simply would like the Brain Tumor Lab to garner further attention as it could lead to further philanthropic generosity.

If you would like to help, we would greatly appreciate it.  I have made the backgrounder document available as a .pdf via Google Docs and have included some download instructions below.

Thank you,
Roy and Sara.

To access the .pdf file at Google Docs, click on the image below:
Once you reach the Google Docs page, you can download the original file by clicking on the File menu above the preview of the PDF file.

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