Thursday, March 3, 2011

MILESTONE: Four months seizure free!

Today marks four months since Rilley's surgery to remove the tumour and the beginning of the road to seizure free life!  It seems that as each month goes by he's doing more and more.  For example, our stairs have a small landing to the side which Rilley used to use as his perch.  A place from which he can survey the goings-on of the household.  When he began to show signs of what we now know was the tumour, he didn't hop up there anymore.  This was most likely because he wasn't steady on his feet and had become more and more sluggish.

Well, over the past month or so he seems to have rediscovered his old look-out and he takes up his surverying duties on a daily basis.  Have a look:
Keeping an eye out for trouble...or, is that for ways to get into trouble?

Ok, maybe guard duty can be a bit tiring!

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