Monday, March 28, 2011

The weight is over!

We have another positive thing to report. This afternoon we took Rilley to see Dr. Ewing as we had suspected that he had an ear infection. As it turns out we were right, but as Leslie Nielsen's character in Airplane! would say, "That's not important right now." What is important is that as with any vet appointment we had to take his weight. As Dr. Pluhar would tell you, and I seriously hope she is reading this, the scale has not been friendly to our four-legged companion of late. On our last visit to Minneapolis, the brain-tumour beagle tipped the scales at close to 50 pounds! 49lbs, 10oz to be exact. However, today the scale displayed a much friendlier 45.3 pounds!  Yes, he still has a little way to go until he reaches his ideal weight but he appears to be well on his way.

Congratulations Rilley!

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