Sunday, April 3, 2011

MILESTONE: 5 Months, No Seizures!

Tomorrow marks Rilley's fifth straight month without seizures and it has been nearly eight months since this whole adventure began with his first seizure on August 10th of last year.  We can't wait until we hit the next milestone in one month's time of being half a year out from surgery and with the way time has been flying by it will soon be here!

Interestingly enough, Sara had emailed Drs. Ohlfest and Pluhar tonight to let them know how well Rilley has been doing and in his response Dr. Ohlfest mentioned some positive news about his treatment.  It turns out that while they were doing some advanced testing on the blood that was drawn during our February visit they found that "tumor-reactive antibodies were induced by the vaccines."

It would appear that the vaccine injections have indeed made a difference and Rilley's immune system has produced it's own army (of sorts) to seek out and destroy the cancer cells that caused his meningioma in the first place.  As was evident by the clean MRI done in February these anti-bodies appear to have wiped out the few tumour cells that the team wasn't able to completely remove during surgery and now, in theory, the anti-bodies should keep this particular tumour from recurring.

This is fantastic news and we'd like to thank Dr. Ohlfest for passing that along to us!