Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trouble for Jake the Warrior

We learned last night that Jake the Warrior, the Boston Terrier we introduced to you two months ago when he was heading off to Minnesota, has hit a major set back in his own battle against a brain tumour.  It turns out that Jake had not been feeling well over the past week so his owner's Frank and Jenn took him to the vet.  An initial exam revealed that he was having difficulties with his right side, the opposite side of where the tumour had been removed.  An MRI confirmed that Jake's tumour has returned and is actually bigger than before.

Although we don't know them personally, Sara and I share in Frank and Jenn's shock and disappointment.  We would like them to know that they are in our thoughts and despite what has happened we wish them and Jake well.

From what we understand, Jake's tumour is a glioma, which is different than the meningioma that Rilley is under treatment for.  As such he is part of a gene therapy trial as opposed to the immunothearpy trial that Rilley is participating in.

You can read more about these developments on Jake's blog at:

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