Sunday, April 10, 2011

Post #70! Rilley's Shiny New Tag

The blog has reached it's own milestone of sorts. This is our 70th post and we thought it would be nice to continue with some light-hearted banter as the subject of cancer can be a real downer.
Rilley sporting his new dog tag.
Since the Beagle of Brain Tumours, the Pooch of Pills, the Mongrel of Medicine won't take his anti-seizure medication without his beloved Greenies Pill Pockets we had to pay a visit to the local Pet Smart.  You see, on our last return from Minneapolis in February we had picked some up and were amazed at how much easier it was to get him to take his medicine.  However, a few days ago, someone left the bag on the counter and Rilley decided to help himself despite the fact that he had already had his morning pills.  Before Sara (the aforementioned "someone") could notice, he had managed to retrieve and devour eight.  Hence the need for more.

Now, Sara being one who cannot leave the pet store (or any store) with just the required item began to wander the aisles.  Of course, she had a valid reason.  Sara is one of those people who could come up with an excuse, nay, rationale for anything and as it turns out today, April 10, 2011 is the eight month anniversary of Rilley's very first seizure.  What better reason could one think of for a pooch's present?

Well, this is what we came home with...a custom engraved dog tag (just in case he forgets his own name)!
Rilley's new tag.
Apparently his old one was wearing out!

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