Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rilley's 10th Birthday!!!!

The front door adorned with a birthday banner.
Today is Rilley's 10th Birthday.  It is more of a symbolic celebration as we adopted him from the Ontario SPCA on this day eight long years ago.  At the time, we were told that he was two years old but they could not be any more specific than that so we settled on April 28th!

The evening started off with a steak dinner.  Keeping in mind his recent progress with the battle of the bulge, portions were moderate with a good helping of veggies!
Steak dinner with all the trimmings.
Sara and our youngest daughter Elizabeth baked him a special birthday cake earlier today.  They found a carrot cake recipe that would suit both human and canine alike and decorated it with cream cheese icing.  However, despite being given dinner at the table, Rilley still wasn't sure if he was allowed this indulgence so he made a cautious approach, snatched the cake and made a speedy escape!

"Mmmm...cake!  Should I?  Yeah, but I think I'll take it to go...."
The cake was made with special attention to his diet...perhaps this is why the only one who really enjoyed it was Rilley.  In all honesty it was more suited to the canine but Elizabeth really wanted to make her special friend a birthday cake and she did a really great job!

We hope you enjoyed your 10th Birthday Rilley!  Everyone is very happy that you are still here to celebrate it!

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