Saturday, November 13, 2010

Back To His Old Self....

We've been worried the last few days that Rilley wasn't quite himself. Trust me he has certainly had no trouble eating us out of house and home, but one of the things which I truly enjoyed before the surgery was talking him for a morning walk with my coffee after dropping the girls off at school in the morning.

Now I know it has only been a little over a week since his surgery, but he almost seemed to be hating being outdoors. We were noticing that sunlight bothered his eyes to the point that even when he sunbathed at the front door he would make sure his back was in the sun and not his face.

I am happy to report that it appears this was a temporary side effect and this afternoon Roy & I were able to enjoy a beautiful walk with him. The funny thing was that he dictated where we walked to and he led us to the vet's office.

It is so wonderful to have our Rilley back and be able to enjoy all the things that we did before with him.
Sara, Rilley and our eldest daughter.

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