Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We've hit a setback

The U.S.-Canada border in northern Minnesota. (MPR Photo/Bob Reha)
Tomorrow marks Rilley's second full week since his brain surgery and we've run into a potentially serious setback.  There is a bureaucratic roadblock that is preventing the Ohlfest Brain Tumor Lab from shipping his vaccine.  Apparently the Canadian Government won't allow the vaccine into the country without regulatory approval from some form of Veterinary agency (we're not sure what that exactly means).  While there are people at the University of Minnesota, the Mississauga Oakville Emergency Hospital as well as Rilley's own vet doing their best to help this is really worrying us.  The vaccine is the key component to his treatment.  Without it the tumour will eventually come back, making all of the effort done so far seem like it was for nothing.  We are hopeful that someone on either side of the border will be able do something to get this moving but all we can do for now is wait.

Tomorrow, the stitches come out!   But the vaccine can't get past the border.

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