Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Big Day has Finally Arrived

Morning has broken over Minneapolis, Minnesota.  With Rilley spending last night at the University, Dr. Pluhar had let us get an extra hour sleep and had us arrive around 8am. Upon arriving, she brought Rilley up front so that we could take him for his morning walk.  He seemed happy to get out of the veterinary hospital, so we took a few pictures with him before he gets his new hairdo...a shaved head.  (Poor little boy.)
Rilley out for his morning walk around the grounds of the University of Minnesota just before his surgery.
As we were walking back in, we noticed that he was moving slower.  Initially we assumed this was because he didn't really want to go back in, especially knowing what was to come.  Would you be in a hurry to have someone cut into your head????  However, Dr. Pluhar pointed out to us that he had been given Morphine and as the next half hour it really became evident!  Off to sleepyland for Rilley!

The Daily Planet crew arrived around the same time and started preparing themselves for their presence in the operating room.  Which also included getting into their scrubs!
Daily Planet Director of Photography, Jay Kemp posing in his scrubs.  We think he may be considering a career change based on the outfit alone! 
Around 9 am the anasethiologist came to take Rilley in order to prepare him for surgery. We said goodbye and now we wait....updates to follow.  (Luckily the University has public Wifi!)

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