Thursday, November 4, 2010

We're Here!

Rilley, having a meal on the road.
After what seemed to be an endless drive from Georgetown, Ontario to Minneapolis, Minnesota we finally made it.  We would have updated this blog last night but the complimentary internet at the hotel was painfully slow and we we're just too tired to wait for it.  (No, we're not spoiled by the speed of technology, are we?)

The Veterinary Medical Center at the University of Minnesota
We pretty much rolled into town and went straight to the University of Minnesota for our pre-op appointment with Dr. Pluhar, Rilley's surgeon.  We had never met her and we hadn't even spoken with her on the telephone prior to now.  She was very patient and made sure that we understood all aspects of Rilley's treatment.  As for Rilley, he was his usual lovable self during the exam, althought I think he did take exception to the rectal thermometer!  But once all the physical checks were done, he feel asleep on the floor.  We must admit, the appointment went very well.  We hardly even noticed the presence of the television camera in the room.

Before we left, Dr. Pluhar even offered for Rilley to spend the night in the veterinary hospital, which we had politely declined.  After all, Rilley's big day was tomorrow, we would want to spend the evening with him, right?

Well...once we checked in at the hotel, our exhaustion from the trip was really taking it's toll.  Rilley was getting into everything and we knew that because of the effects of the medication (insatiable appetite and thirst) he'd be needing a lot of bathroom breaks.  So after a lot of thought, we decided to take the good doctor up on her offer and checked Rilley in for the night.

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