Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rilley's Evening Update

We received a call from Dr. Pluhar this evening with an updated on Rilley's recovery.  Apparently he is doing very well.  He's even been out for a short walk.  This is absolutely amazing!  To think that within the first day of having such major surgery to his brain he was up and about!  Obviously not with the same vigour as we have come to expect from him, but it is doubtful that a person would be out of bed and going for a walk the same day.  He is also already showing signs of being the same dog he was prior to today.  Apparently, when Dr. Pluhar got up to leave from a visit with him he started to whimper.  This left the medical staff wondering if he was in pain or just sad.  To check, Dr. Pluhar went to get him his stuffed Winnie (the Pooh) and once it was given to him, he settled down.

So as this evening draws to a close, it appears that today was a great success.  We have an appointment with Dr. Pluhar at the University tomorrow to discuss the results of his post-op MRI.

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