Thursday, November 18, 2010

The stitches are out...and some thank-you's!

Rilley without stitches!!!!
Ok, so it's not big news but we promised to post a picture of Rilley without his stitches.  True, he doesn't really look all that different either but it's nice to post something fun for once.  He was such a good boy for it too.  I guess it helps that he really loves Dr. Ewing and just sat there.  (We don't think he even noticed the first few come out.)

We spoke with Dr. Ewing about the whole issue surrounding the vaccine and she is confident that we will be back in her office next week for the first shot.  Unfortunately it sounds like the poor girl at the University of Minnesota had a rough time dealing with the many levels and various agencies of the Canadian government until she found the right one.  Jessica, we really appreciate everything you have done and everything you had to put up with.  Thank you as well to Dr. Ewing (Mountainview Animal Hospital, Georgetown) for completing all the paperwork and to Dr. Gauthier at the Mississauga-Oakville Emergency Hospital for offering to do whatever she could as well.

There was even an offer of help from an old friend and his wife (also a vet) for offering to contact whoever necessary to help make it happen...thanks Mark and Dr. Jen!  Last names withheld to protect the innocent. ;^)

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