Friday, November 26, 2010

Finally...a vaccine!

"What do you mean more needles?"
After many hours of phone calls between numerous people, government agencies and veterinarians we finally secured Rilley's first vaccine!  The package was intact and the dry ice was still keeping the contents viable.  Given all the confusion and delays, we asked FedEx to hold the package at their facility so that once all the requirements were met we wouldn't need to wait for it to arrive by truck.

Finally, just before 1pm today, the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency...aka Canada Customs) granted FedEx permission to release the vaccine.  Sara picked it up took it straight to Dr. Stephanie Ewing's office so that it could be unpacked and given time to warm up.

Rilley's injection sites marked by blue squares.
Rilley had his appointment for the first round of injections at 3:20pm and everything went smoothly.  We are happy to report that Rilley is none the worse for wear and was just a little ticked about the shots.  He will receive five more rounds of vaccinations in two week intervals.  The next four will be on this side of the border with the final injections to be administered back in Minneapolis during his three month follow up visit with Dr. Pluhar.
A closer view of the vaccination site.
Let's hope that the next shipments aren't as stressful!

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