Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rilley is in ICU

We just saw Rilley as he was being wheeled from the MRI over to intensive care. Aside from the stitches along the top of his head, he looks pretty good for someone that has had his head worked on! The word on the post operative MRI is that it was "fantastic". Until we get further details we can only assume that the surgeons were able to remove all of the tumour cells. (Or at the very least any that may be remaining are easily treated with the vaccines to come.) We will know more once we've had a chance to sit down and speak with Dr. Pluhar.
Rilley as he was wheeled from the post operative MRI and into the Intensive Care Unit. The intubation tube was removed immediately upon arrival in ICU. Notice his tongue sticking out, it is certainly bigger than you would think!

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